Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Snow again

It just keeps snowing. Over the last two days we've had a foot of the stuff. And that's on top of the foot we've had since the start of February. It's been hard work just keeping the drive clear - tomorrow I'm facing the prospect of going up onto the roof to do some shoveling.

No complaints though. This Sunday is Vasalopp's Sunday. 90km of skiing between Sälen and Mora. New snow tips the balance in favour of fitness rather than technique. Good news for me.

Last weekend saw the women's variant of Vasaloppet - Tjejvasan. I put myself on the line then as well - metaphorically. My Better Half was taking part for the first time and I was given ski-waxing responsibility. Nothing like a bit of pressure to bring out your best. Annika's already announced her intention to compete next year - and her waxing team has also been retained.


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