Friday, January 06, 2006

Good start

I'd just like welcome all those born in 1966 into M40. Shorter courses maybe, but the competitions just as tough, if not tougher than M35. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Håkan Eriksson will continue to choose to run M21.

The new year's begun well with just enough snow to be able to ski from the doorstep. As usual when there's a limited supply of the white stuff the best place to ski is not on the forest trails but on the near by fields - they use them for playing golf in the summer.

The snow came just before new year - but not before I made my winter night orienteering debut. It may be my last outing too - once again I proved that night orienteering isn't my strong suite.

After a couple of tentative tours on the ice my långfärdsskridskor career has also taken a back seat to XC skiing. Hopefully I'll get a chance later on for some more serious tours. Until then, the priority is Vasalopp training. Bettering last years placing is the winter's main target.


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